Unknown Cemetery in Elrod

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This is a small cemetery located in Ripley County, Indiana in what is called Elrod.
The only way I know to get to it is located on private property which I have access
to.  You have to walk down a field, cross a creek and go up a big hill.  There used to be
a log cabin here too, but I don't know where.  There are Revolutionary War veterans buried
here.  All tombstones are read from left to right.  There are many gravestones of creekrock 
which are obviously impossible to read, don't even know if there was ever any kind of 
inscription on them.  More are gone or covered over with earth, as there are several sinkholes
the proper size for a burial.

Row 1
James Grimes/Pvt Houston's Co./Harrison's VA Regt/Rev. War/1840[Headstone]
Joseph McDonald/Pvt Clarke's Co./1st N.C. Regt/Rev. War/1840[Headstone]
Edward Pendergast/Pvt Post Lethwaite's Co./Wilson's PA Troops/Rev. War/1843[Headstone]

Row 2
Sarah A./daughter of J.W. &  N.J. Lipperd/Died/July 4, 1857/aged 2 yrs 10 mos 28 days[Headstone]

Row 3
Elizabeth P./daughter of  ??? (couldn't read the rest) [Headstone]

Row 4
3 creek rock tombstones (these may go with the tombstones in row 1 as they are close by)

rock tombstone, white tombstone base, rock tombstone

Row 6
Daniel B. Thomason/Died/July 19,1819/Aged 53 years
In memory of/James Beall/died/July 16, 1816/61 years of age[Headstone]
Sacred to the memory of/Christena Beall/who departed this life/ March 26th, 1855/in the  82nd year of her age.[Headstone]
Ninian Beall/Pvt Jones' Co./3 Continental Dragoons/Rev.War/June 13,1836 [Headstone]
In memory of/Ninian Beall/who departed this life/June 13, 1836 (1896)/aged 75 years & 10 days[Headstone]
James N./son of E.B. & S. Boszell/Died/Aug. 31st, 1851/aged 1 year & 1 month[Headstone]
In memory of/Mary M/daughter of/EB & HJ Boszell/died/July 31,1851/aged 9 mos, 19 days
In memory of/Harriet Jane/wife of/Elliot B. Boszell/daughter of John & Mary Beall/Died/Nov.30,1850/
     Aged 20 yrs 10mos 1 days (possibly 11 days) [Headstone]
2 creek rock tombstones

Row 7
Small square stone-MMB
Mary A/dau. of ???
2 creek rock tombstones
C.R. (small headstone)
N.B. (Small Headstone)
2 creek rock tombstones

Row 8
Creek rock tombstone

Row 9
James W./son of JW & NJ/died/Mar. 7, 1850/aged ??? (stone is broken off here)[Headstone]
Wm. Lipperd/Pvt. Woods Co/Dudley's S.C. Regt/Rev. War/ May 5, 1834 [Headstone]
Alvenia/dau. of L.&N. Wickard/died/Jan.23,1819/1 yr and 9 days[Headstone]

Real nice stone with German writing-tried to make out the best I could.  
A(n or u)galta W.C./J.G. u.(or something) C. Mullen/27 Sept. 1844/16 Sept 1859 [Headstone]

Row 10
Large Obelisk tombstone:
Mary/wife of/D.E. Garrington/died/Jan. 15, 1819/aged 25 yrs/(1 or 11) mos. 6 days[Headstone]
Broken tombstone:
Mary/daughter of??/died/Aug 29, 1802

Row 11
4 creek stones, 3 sinkholes

Row 12
4 creek stones
Row 13 (may actually be row 14 or 15, but there's not any stones left, this is all the way back by the rear fenceline.
2 creek stones, 1 large headstone, mostly covered with earth, could not un-earth, too many fire-ants.
Found some more in heavy brush:
Partial Stone: March 8, 18??/61 yrs,3 mos, 20 days

Read 4/16/2000

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