St. Paul M.E. Cemetery

in Franklin Twp., located about 2 miles S. of Sunman and the old part has appr. 25 unmarked graves.

St. Paul Cemetery

Updated 07Sep1999
Saint Pauls Cemetery Ripley IN 391655N 0850751W 968 ft above sea level

ABPLANALP, Valla18781956~
ABPLANALP, Oscar1884~~
ABPLANALP, Mamie L.18951956new section
ABPLANALP, Jesse W.1894~new section
ALCORN, Etta Fay19421944newsection
ALDEN, Alvin 26 Jan 1823 08 Jul 1900 ~
ALDEN, Sarah J. 27Nov182724Feb1907w/o Alvin
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth 1832 1923 ~
ALEXANDER, Albert A. 1857 1930 ~
ALEXANDER, Adelia 1855 1917 w/o Albert A.
ALEXANDER, John 1894 1914 ~
ALLEN, Ernest19261932~
ALYEA, Margaret G. (Myers)-28May1851w/o John A.
ALYEA, William L.21Oct182923Sep1916A soldier
ALYEA, Emma T.02Jul184223Dec1897d/o William L.
ALYEA, Franklin Ferris04Oct187011Feb1871s/o W.L. & E.T.
ALYEA, Alice Helena09Mar186922Nov1878Only d/o W.L. & E.T.
ANDERSON, William B.03Feb183115Jun1904~
ANDERSON, Anna G. (J.?)20Jan183703Sep1927w/o William B.
ANDERSON, Merritt13Feb183219Feb1911~
ANDERSON, Mary Ann09May183617Apr1906w/o Merritt
ANDERSON, Elnora12Aug187108Dec1892d/o Merritt & Mary Ann
ANDERSON, John18591945~
ANDERSON, Flora14Jan187424Apr1945d/o Wm. B. & Anna
ANDERSON, Margaret S.23Mar186829Aug1945d/o Wm. B. & Anna
ANDERSON, Henry J.26Feb187112Nov1946s/o Wm. B. & Anna
ANDERSON, Arabelle13Jul186413May1947d/o Wm. B. & Anna
ANDERSON, Minnie P.18921970newsection
ANDERSON, Albert E.18751943newsection
ARKENBERG, Franklin W.19181966new section
ARKENBERG, Rosana M.1920~new section
ARM, Bobby Lee29Dec193619Oct1957Ind A. 3/C USAF
new section
ARM, Grace19461965new section
ASHER, Polly (Maggard)05Jun1905~w.o Charley
ASHER, Charley25Dec190008Nov1964Ky Tec 5 1903Eng Avn Bn WWII
new section
ASHTON, George B.18491926~
ASHTON, Alice185319?w/o George B.
ASHTON, baby--~
BACK, Carson18971965new section
BARNFIHER, John F.18471929~
BARNFIHER, Henry18521930~
BARNFIHER, Elizabeth186219?w/o Henry
BARNFIHER, Dora M.27Jan181903Mar1906w/o John F.
BARNFIHER, John F.19Feb181019Jun1892~
BIELBY, Hazel18911924~
BARROUS, Charlotte J.18631910~
BEELEE, Frank18701954new section
BEER, Otto C.03Mar185819Feb1920~
BEER, Nora~~~
BEER, Mary Price22Nov184701Aug1937~
BEER, Sadie18851941new section
BEER, Richard E.18811947new section
BEER, Katherine M.18561952new section
BEER, Clara E.W.18961968new section
BEER, John A.1886~new section
BEHLMER, Ahrent A.18781938~
BEHLMER, Addie H.18841956~
BEHLMER, Helena18741963new section
BEHLMER, Richard A.18681945new section
BELLMAN, Harry H.22Feb189021Jan1910~
BELLMAN, George28Apr188121Dec1882s/o H. & E.
BELLMAN, Estella18921961new section
BELLMAN, John18881965new section
BENGE, Billy Carl28Jul194304Apr1962Pvt 1 How Svc Btry @ Art.
new section
BIDDLE, Martha19181940~
BIDDLE, Charles F.18811971~
BIDDLE, Rosa Mae18891965~
BIDNER, Peter J.18531930~
BIDNER, Caroline18561930~
BIGNEY, Caroline K.18981959new section
BIGNEY, Lynn C.18871964new section
BIELBY, Hazel18911924~
BIELBY, Huet G.18491932~
BIELBY, Adelaide18551933w/o Huet G.
BIELBY, Chester18851889~
BIELBY, Jennie18521886~
BIGNEY, Verado W.18561922A Mason and an Oddfellow
BIGNEY, Lorena Neuforth24Oct189228Jul1924~
BIGNEY, Katherine10Jun191810Jun1918d/o Lynn &Caroline
BIGNEY, Minnie18601943~
BILLHORN, Lottie02Apr185715Mar1944~
BISHOP, Anna18741912~
BISHOP, Mary25Jun182705Jan1933w/o John
BISHOP, John01Jan182607Oct1905~
BISHOP, Sammie18881904~
BISHOP, Harry18801892~
BISHOP, Mary E.18651949~
BISHOP, Rowland18641935~
BISHOP, Leroy J.19001971~
BLISS, Edith Lorena18991969new section
BLISS, Charles17Aug1941~IL Pvt 308 MG BN 78 Div
new section
BOHLKE, Edward L.18881954Co. H. 1st MGBM 1st Div
BORGMAN, Walter E.19081910~
BORGMAN, Bertha18841962new section
BORGMAN, John W.18831964new section
BOWER, William S.~23Mar1877s/o Wm. & L.E.
Aged 4y3m21d
BOWCOCK, Hadley B.18991967WW I
new section
BRAKENSIEK, Orpha I. (Alden)18611948~
BRINKMAN, Elma H.18861931w/o Roll
in new section.
BRINKMAN, Roll T.18831932in new section.
BRINKMAN, Elma H.18861931w/o Roll
new section
BRINKMAN, Holly1908~new section
BRINKMAN, Clarence19021969new section
BRINKMAN, Ira J.18821962new section
BRINKMAN, Sadie M.18831946new section
BRINKMAN, Mary A.1928~new section
BRINKMAN, Elmer18881955new section
BRINKMAN, Ronald Lee02Oct194719Apr1969Sgt Co. B. 82 Bn 10 Inf
new section
BROCK, Robert18851962new section
BROCK, Margaret A.18841961new section
BROWN, Margaret A.14Oct1844~~
BRUNS, John18471925~
BRUNS, Carolina18531917~
BRUNS, Ollie3Jan188705Apr1902~
BRUNS, Caroline E.18631942~
BRUNS, William H.18561937~
BRUNS, Herman02May184120Jun1917~
BRUNS, Rebecca21Oct184409Oct1912~
BRUNS, Louis A.30Jan188224Feb1969~
BRUNS, Henry18491936~
BRUNS, Eliza19621933~
BRUNS, infant~~s/o H. & Eliza
BRUNS, Wilbur1890~new section
BRUNS, Luella1894~w/o Wilbur
new section
BRUNS, Pearl M.1901~new section
BRUNS, Walter W.18821941new section
BRUNS, Dora L.1915~new section
BRUNS, Carl A.19191959new section
BURDSAL, George H.18451922~
BURDSAL, Jemima B.18601928w/o George M.
BURNETT, Corinthia19701971new section
BURNETT, Raymond G.?May1956?new section
BURNS, Steve18901970new section
BURNS, Sherman R.13Oct192303Jun1952new section
BUSH, Harrison G.~~Co. B. 7th Ind Inf
BUSHORN, Eleanor (Werbach)19151967new section
CAMPBELL, Wallace G.18721949~
CAMPBELL, Emma H.1880~~
CAREL, Lavina (Rex)06Nov184518Sep1905~
CAREL, Henry~~~
CASH, Alice E.18941962new section
CASH, Grover C.1892~new section
CASH, Elzie L.19201968new section
CARRELL, Wilma (Mendel)19091941~
CHEEK, Mae I.09Feb187014May1948new section
CHEEK, Purnell J.13Sep186130May1941new section
CHLICK, Monroe05Apr186617Dec1926new section
CLIFTON, Dora A.1888~new section
CLIFTON, Charles H.18831956new section
COLE, Rachel O.18711949new section
COLE, Charles S.18671942new section
COMBEST, Michael19431951new section
COMBEST, Carol Sue1949~new section
CONDREN, Martha K.08Jul191905Feb1965new section
CONNELLEY, Bryant01Aug181221Jun1900~
CONNELLEY,Catherine28Dec183327Feb1908w/o Bryant
CONNELLEY, Emily L.18611927~
CONNELLEY, James H.14Apr189220Oct1894s/o James & Emily
CONNELLEY, ?--child of James & Emily
CONNELLEY, Bertram W.13Jan187816Jul1908Spanish American War soldier
CONNELLEY, James H.18541941~
COOK, Clara L.188519?w/o George A.
in new section.
COOK, George A.18771933in new section.
CORS, Flora29Jan187810Sep1908w/o Edwin
COYLE, Violet C.23Feb1910~new section
COYLE, James T.29Sep1905~new section
CRAFT, Russell Alan25Dec185722Jun1908new section
CRAIG, Stanley (Dick)19051971new section
CRAMER, Mary18781967new section
CRAMER, William18731963new section
CREECH, James23Feb188722Feb1966new section
CREECH, Nancy J.15Mar188726Oct1946new section
CREECH, Fitzhugh18961971new section
CREEKBAUM, Jeffrey19711971~
CULVER, Hiram D.15Jul186117Sep1909s/o C.G. & L.
CULVER, Charles G.30Apr183805Apr1910~
CULVER, Lucretia06Sep184123Aug1909w/o Charles G.
CUTSHALL, Sarah W.-11May1888aged 88y 2m
w/o Thomas
DAGNER, Gilbert19171919~
DAGNER, Fred18741958~
DAGNER, Clinton Harris19081959~
DAGNER, William18711939~
DAVIS, Helen (Cook)05Dec189122Aug1951new section
DAVIS, William M.01Jul188113Dec1958new section
DAY, Paul E.18931947new section
DAY, Edith (Wetzler)18891946new section
DEISELBERG, Diedrick09Nov183703Mar1908~
DEISELBERG, Lena24Apr183806Mar1914w/o Diedrick
DEISELBERG, Leona M.18801968~
DEISELBERG, Will D.18761950~
DEISELBERG, Ida M.18681942~
DEISELBERG, John H.18681945~
DEISELBERG, Elizabeth1880~new section
DEISELBERG, Henry H.18771948new section
DEWBERRY, James H.19051966new section
DRALLE, Mary Ann22May1889~new section
DREYER, Effie17Sep188208Oct1937new section
DREYER, Bernice A.17Jul191805Jul1932new section
DREYER, Alton P.20Jan190528Feb1905new section
DREYER, William18741949~
DREYER, Mary18761961~
DRYER, Vernice~~new section - unmarked
DUNN,Earl H.-11Apr1885aged 4y 9m 11d
s/o C.M. & L.
DUNN, Dell Hamlin18May185402Jun1910~
DUNN, Amos18521911~
DUNN, Anna M.18871947~
DUNN, Zuma18731961~
DUPPS, Lillie18851947new section
DUPPS, Joseph M.18781941new section
DUPPS, Elsie E.19131949new section
EBNER, Elbert S.19011968new section
EBNER, Charlotte1903~new section
EDMONSON, Laura (Stegner)24Jun187213Mar1961Ind Army Nurse Corp. WWI
ELAM, Jenny B.1895~new section
ELAM, Fred18921966new section
ELLIOTT, William H.18631916~
ELLIOTT, Cynthia E.18651925~
ENDRES, Barbara18511930~
ENDRES, Philip14Jul184727Nov1911A soldier
ENDRES, Mary A.20Nov184910Feb1929w/o Philip
ENDRES, Christ F.18951918Co. M. 120th Inf. 30th Div.
ENDRES, William R.18791960~
ENDRES, Katherine M.1884~~
ENDRES, Henry G.18811957~
ENDRES, Mattie18741960~
ENDRES, Elsie E.19011936~
ENDRES, Margaret16May186201Jun1955~
ENDRES, Adam02Dec186025Jan1945~
ENDRES, Edward18881959~
ENDRES, Anna18911968~
FASSE, Anna L.18711959~
FASSE, Edward L.18731953~
FERRIS, Benjamin F.19Oct1818?Mar1904~
FERRIS, Martha J.20Jul182217Dec1906w/o B.F.
name misspelled on stone
FERRIS, Thomas H.-09Aug1887aged 23y 5m 28d
FERRIS, William W.26Apr185610Oct1925~
FERRIS, Mary E.27Oct186503Sep1932w/o William W.
FERRIS, Albert E.-26Apr1875aged 21y 8m
s/o B.F. & M.
FISHMER, Niobe (Robinson)18811953new section
FISHMER, Frank18821961new section
FLAKER, Herbert E.20Nov188705Aug1967Pvt OH Btry E 9 Fld Art. WWI
new section
FLINT, Calista (Moore)-16Dec1883aged 75y 3m 5d
w/o William
FOLICK, William18281918A soldier
FOLICK, Fredrick18581951~
FOLICK, Minnie~~~
FOLICK, William18621959~
FOLSOM, Storah1895~~
FOLSOM, Walter18871955~
FOSTER, Joy19491966new section
FRANCIS, Raney M.18971969new section
FRANKE, Edward R.04Dec190216Jan1911~
FRANKLIN, Hiram10Oct193026Feb1951Cpl IN 8 Cav 1 Cav Div Korea
new section
FREELAND, John P.17Feb182923Sep1901Physician- Adams Twp.
FREELAND, Flora B.18Dec184614Jan1930~
FREELAND, Stanley C.16May188905Oct1965~
FREELAND, Harold L.18831951~
GABBARD,? & ?--husband & wife
in new section.
GABBARD, Michael18Aug188118Apr1958new section
GABBARD, Rosa B.14Aug188603Apr1935new section
GABBARD, Rosemary19361941new section
GADD, ? & ?--husband & wife
in new section.
GADD, William L.16Dec188529Jan1938new section
GADD, Mary M.09Feb191226Feb1935new section
GARRISON, Jacob E.-14Feb1934aged 70y 10m 24d
undertaker's marker
GATHMAN, Catherine (Kuntz)22Jan184307Nov1893w/o Henry
GATHMAN, John A.12Jan181306Aug1882~
GOLDSCHMIDT, Louisa13Oct186727May1901w/o Charles
GOLDSCHMIDT, Charles18691913~
GOLDSCHMIDT, William29Jun183211Aug1913~
GOLDSCHMIDT, Louise08Jul183201Oct1921w/o William
GOODAPPLE, John18411920~
GOODAPPLE, Mary18461915w/o John
GOODAPPLE, John H.18651947~
GRAY, Joseph18731965~
GRAY, Elizabeth18821960~
GREGG, Albert21Dec184706Mar1913~
GREY, Frank F.19091942new section
GRIFFITH, Lillian H.13Jun192017Jun1961new section
GROSEKLOUS, Anna1888~new section
GROSEKLOUS, Henry1880~new section
GROSEKLOUS, Laura M.18901965new section
GROSEKLOUSE, Elizabeth24Feb185724Feb1916~
GROSEKLOUSE, Theodore16Jun188525Aug1909~
GROSEKLOUSE, Fredrick18571935~
HAESSIG, Henry08Apr184613Oct1915~
HAESSIG, Henry G.18761935~
HAESSIG, Henry G.19211948s/o Henry G. & Carrie
HAESSIG, Carrie M.?Nov188230Sep197w/o Henry G.
HAESSIG, Sophia03Sep184226Jun1908w/o Henry
HAIR, Ella18651940~
HALVERSTADT, Margaret21Oct189506Feb1970new section
HAMILTON, Anne M.18681918~
HARNEY, Mabel C.1890~~
HARNEY, Lawrence18831930~
HARRELL, Norma E.19231948new section
HARRELL, Gregory Alan19551955new section
HASHAGEN, Margaret1883191?w/o Charles O.
HASHAGEN, Charles O.18841933~
HAUBROCK, J. Letton19001971new section
HAUBROCK, George P.23May190431May1960new section
HAZEN, Flora Bell-01Apr1873d/o Gideon & Margaret
HAZEN, Nathaniel M.18411909father
HAZEN, Alpha A.18491894w/o Nathaniel M.
HAZEN, Margaret (Stegner)24Oct183223Apr1897w/o Gideon
HAZEN, Gideon25Apr182828Jun1901~
HAZEN, James M.18591939~
HAZEN, Anna C.18761928~
HEAVEY, Nellie1884~~
HEAVEY, Emery18821968~
HEAVEY, Ivan19071964~
HEAVEY, Nettie18591890~
HEIDT, Magdalen B.18971961new section
HEIDT, Herman18961960~
HEISEMAN, Richard18461922father
HEISEMAN, Anna18531934~
HEISEMAN, Samuel R.18881919Co. M 120th Inf. A.E.F.
Rouen, France - American Legion
HEISEMAN, Jane18141897Grandma
HEISMAN, Fred H.18851969~
HEISMAN, Norma L.1904~~
HENDRIXSON, Catherine18421908~
HENDRIXSON, Henry R.18401893~
HENDRIXSON, John T.18741898~
HENNING, Frank18671937~
HENNING, Mary18701955~
HILL, William27Mar1873-~
HILL, Anna Marie01Jul187408Jun1927w/o William
HILL, John G.04Apr183225Feb1891~
HILL, Margaret25Feb183904Oct1914w/o John G.
HILL, Samuel18781958~
HILL, Chris187519??~
HILL, Mary18331958~
HILL, Joseph L.18991964new section
HILLMAN, Howard - Jr.19481950new section
HILLMAN, George S.22Feb189328Mar1967WWI
new section
HOFF, Iva E. (Tangman)18691919~
HOFF, Henry18391928~
HOFF, Barbara E.18401927w/o Henry
HOFF, Katie31Dec186716Mar1891d/o John H. & Barbara
HOFF, John H.18701952~
HOFF, Cora A.18731952~
HOFF, George J.18611939~
HOFF, Blanche (Bea)1914~new section
HOFF, Roy (Primer)1912~new section
HOFF, Harry18791962new section
HOGUE, Marshall19181949new section
HOLZBACHER, Charles H.-04Feb1924IN Pvt. 333 Inf. 84 Div.
HOMER, Ann Eliza23Oct182623Sep1908~
HOLWADEL, Louisa Mabel08Oct189130Jan1893d/o G. & S.
HOLWADEL, Christ08Jul184717Apr1922~
HOLWADEL, Anna13Aug1854-w/o Christ
HOLWADEL, Anna C.18771941~
HOLWADEL, Olive J.18751939~
HOLWADEL, Alvin C.07Oct191026Apr1969~
HOLWADEL, Mary L.22Feb1915~~
HOLWADEL, Arthur E.17Nov1885~~
HOLWADEL, Ida E.04Jun188415Feb1960~
HOLZBACHER, Charles H.04Feb1924~Pvt. 333 Inf 84 Div
HOLZBACHER, Alton17Jan192213Jul1944Sgt. 329 Inf 83 Div WW II
HOMER, Ann Eliza23Oct182623Sep1908~
HUDDLESTON, Raymond18891949new section
HUDDLESTON, Goldie1898~new section
HUFFINE, Mollie L.02Dec188210Mar1966~
HUFFINE, Clifford R.24Nov188428Mar1968~
HUGHES, Luther Price10Noc192520Jun1945Pfc
new section
HUGHES, Sally M.21Oct189709Jul1970new section
HUGHES, Charles G.04Oct188630Nov1966new section
HUTCHESON, Delos L.19031937new section
HUTCHESON, Bessie M.18741957new section
JOHNSON, Frances18441911~
JOHNSON, Jerry (Terry)31Oct190322Jun1970WWI
new section
JORDAN, Minnie18941962new section
JORDAN, Edwin18951965new section
KAMMEYER, Adeline19021924~
KAMMEYER, Garsten12Jan183320Jun1899~
KAMMEYER, A. Adeline18351914w/o Garsten
KAMMEYER, Emma18771960~
KAMMEYER, Charles18711962~`
KATTELMAN, Robert S.21Apr?05Jun1925~
KATTELMAN, William H.19211927~
KEHR, Max J.18731936~
KEHR, Bertha18821940~
KEHR, Arthur J.18781956~
KEMP, Winfred29Jun190330Dec1968MSgt USM WWII
new section
KETCHUM, Charles18681921~
KETCHUM, Anna18611934~
KIRCHHOFF, Margaret18781958~
KISKADEN, Carl18981960new section
KRAMER, Albert F.18611917~
KRAMER, Anna18611917w/o Albert F.
KRAMER, Mae M.18871966~
KRAMER, Lewis W.18861943~
KRIEGER, Lucy1895~new section
KRIEGER, Frank18861965new section
KUHNS, George17Jan183911Sep1918~
LAMBERT, Effie L.04Mar189014Mar1945new section
LANE, Cynthia A.18781933new section
LANE, Lafe18781960new section
LANE, Mabel E.19151946new section
LANG, Charles M.18741953new section
LANG, Verna T.18891960new section
LARRISON, William05May181009Mar1890~
LARRISON, John E.08Oct184616Mar1916~
LARRISON, Sophia E.15Apr185817Jan1898w/o John E.
LARRISON, Delana04Sep181518Jun1879w/o John
LAUBER, Peter F.18441930in new section.
LAUBER, Anna18521926w/o Peter
in new section.
LAUBER, August G.18791968new section
LAUBER, Estella B.18881957new section
LAUBER, Robert Jr.19551971new section
LAUGHLIN, Katie18811955new section
LAUGHLIN, Samuel18591936new section
LEDGER, Maisie B.18991971new section
LEEK, Margaret1891~new section
LEEK, James F.18781951new section
LEIGH, George w.18771949~
LEIGH, Nellie18931947~
LIGHTCAPP, Mildred Marie19001931~
?, ?~1931infant whose stone is next to M. Lightcapp
LIGHTNER, Etta18871919~
LILLY, Blanche E.12Jan188627May1900~
LILLY, Mary A.11May186623Nov1907~
LITTLEFORD, Bliss26Mar191218Feb1966SSgt. WWII
new section
LYONS, Minnie18831967new section
MAHLER, William26Aug182526Jul1894~
MAHLER, Mary13Oct182919Feb1908w/o William
MAHLER, infant--d/o J. & M.
MAHLER, John09Sep16024Jul1939~
MAHLER, Arminda01Dec186020Mar1911~
MALLORY, Lynn F.02Nov189106Nov1952new section
MANLIEF, Thomas P.18701956~
MANLIEF, Minnie18741945~
MANLIEF, Phyllis19441963new section
MATHER, James G.-12Dec1891aged 83y
McCONNELL, Julia B.18851958new section
McCONNELL, Bertram S.18791957new section
McGUIRE, Robert11Apr186211Oct1880~
McGUIRE, Lucy18581927w/o Robert
McKINNEY, Irene18691956new section
McKINNEY, Charles G.18691950new section
McKINNEY, Gracie1894~new section
McMULLEN, infant--s/o W.W. & wife
McMULLEN, Rozena14Sep187121Aug1957~
McMULLEN, William W.19Jan186912Sep1951~
MEADE, Eliza Ann~~new section
MEADE, Thomas~~new section
MEADE, Mae S.~~new section
Coate funeral marker
MEECE, Linville24Mar189223Nov1938Pvt Med Corp WWI
new section
MEHRING, Rose L.31Jul190113Jul1957new section
MEISTER, Wilber J.18941918~
MEISTER, Harry03Jun188514Jul1933~
MEISTER, Hazel M.19071908~
MEISTER, Everett B.1892 1894~
MEISTER, Lee H.1888~~
MEISTER, Margaret18881953~
MEISTER, John H.19181918~
MEISTER, Earl19131913~
MENDEL, Joseph H.24Apr184523Feb1899~
MENDEL, Rosannah-26May1890aged 66y 2m 18d
MENDEL, Frances-18May1894aged 68y 6m 8d
w/o Jacob
MENDEL, Jacob-17Dec1896aged 76y
MENDEL, J.--A soldier
MENDEL, George18571892~
MENDEL, Sanford18791911~
MENDEL, Amelia18791937w.o Sanford
MENDEL, Allene E.19231927~
MENDEL, Isaac T.18631935~
MENDEL, Alice B.18661944w/o Isaac T.
MERHLEY, Charles F.07Mar186715Jun1954~
MERHLEY, Pearl M.07Jun187812Dec1975~
MEYERS, Etta18831959new section
MEYERS, Aloise E. ("Al")18721946new section
MILLER, Jacob18571947~
MILLER, Margaret H.18611928w/o Jacob
MILLER, Hazel A.1889~new section
MILLER, Charles W.18871964new section
MOBLEY, Vergis T.30Oct 191518Jan1959new section
MORGAN, Alice19151950new section
MORROW, Charles W.18691943~
MORROW, Luoisa F.18731946~
MYATT, Rose1898~new section
MYATT, Wilbur T.18881958new section
MYATT, Eldridge18631948new section
MYATT, Ida M.18721948new section
MYERS, John A.28Sep183703Mar1897A Mason
MYERS, Margaret G. Alyea28May1851-w/o John A.
MYERS, Pearl Evelyn04Nov188024Oct1894d/o John & Margaret
MYERS, Mildred Mapie-01Jul?Undertaker's marker
NANNEY, Fred14Sep190121Oct1962new section
NAPIER, Sarah18981962new section
NAPIER, Mack18991962new section
NAPIER, Patrick Henry19011966new section
NEGANGARD, Frank18691925~
NEGANGARD, Vina J.187519??w/o Frank
NEGANGARD, Wilbur L.1897~~
NEGANGARD, Macie18971940~
NEUFARTH, Lena18621935~
NEUFARTH, Andrew18561937~
NEUFORTH, Gertrude-15Oct1880aged 36y 2m 13d
NEUFORTH, Ethel-14Jul1880aged 8m
NEUFORTH, John P.-14Oct1872aged 76y 7m 6d
NEUFORTH, Marry-26Jul1899aged 85y
w/o John P.
NEUFORTH, August F.-06Sep1872aged 24y 3m 24d
NEUKAM, Katie18901969new section
NEUKAM, Lewis J.1891~new section
NEWFORTH, Forrest L.18881969~
NEWFORTH, Della W.1895~w.o Forrest
NEWFORTH, John E.18831935~
NEWFORTH, Zetta A.18831920~
NEWFORTH, William18501939~
NEWFORTH, Sue L.18491918~
NICKELL, America18641947~
NICKELL, Linda18751959new section
NICKELL, Bruce18711946new section
NICKELL, James Hobart18981965new section
NORRIS, William18751958new section
OSBURN, Walter H.29Jul188825Sep1960new section
OSBURN, Linda~28Nov1940new section
OSTING, Henry18391912~
OSTING, Nancy18481908w/o Henry
OSTING, Ernest11May184824Apr1901~
OSTING, Mary J.07Jan185013Aug1921w/o Ernest
OSTING, Mary18001880Mother
OSTING, Fred18121904Father
PAPNER, Sophia L.18791955new section
PAPNER, William L.18771954new section
POWELL, Reuben C.186419?in new section.
POWELL, Clara L.18691931D.A.R.
w/o Reuben
in new section.
POWELL, Reuben C.1864~new section
POWELL, Clara L.18691931w/o Reuben
new section
PRICE, Joseph L. Dr.--~
PRICE, George05Oct185023Nov1898~
PRICE, Elanora A.27Apr188006Nov1899w/o George
RAGLIN, Rondal22Mar194524Jul1966MI Pvt USMC Viet Nam
new section
RAGLIN, Ted19121965new section
RAGLIN, Ruth Ann19171965new section
RANSOM, Carrie E.18631933~
RATCLIFF, Lena (McKee)18641959~
RATCLIFF, Joseph T., Dr.18481907~
REDDERT, Henry W.18Mar186911Mar1949new section
REDDERT, Sophia Z.15Sep188528Nov1942new section
REDDERT, Daniel20Feb188404Sep1961new section
REDDERT, Minnie C.24Jan188727Oct1954new section
RICHARDSON, John S.18671925in new section.
RICHARDSON, Rebecca18711948new section
RICHARDSON, Jarrett R.19051949new section
ROBARTS (Roberts?), Charles L.19041955new section
ROBERTS , Anna M.19091965new section
ROBERTS , Reuben L.1902~new section
ROBBINS, Noble30Jun189824May1970~
ROBINSON, Estella H.18821928in new section.
ROBINSON, Frank15Aug183403Nov19157th Reg. Ind. Vol. Inf.
ROBINSON, Electa14Aug184017Apr1917w/o Frank
ROBINSON, William T.17Jan183219Mar1862 (Nashville, TN)Co. A 1st Oh. Cav
s/o Rowland & Harriett
ROBINSON, Fannie10Mar188820Sep1891~
ROBINSON, Louisa (Altenberger)04Aug185329Jun1905w/o Rowland
ROBINSON, Rowland18451923Co. B 139th Reg. Ind. Vols.
ROBINSON, Mary19201921~
ROBINSON, John G.07Feb190009Jan1904s/o Christ & Ollie
ROBINSON, Howard07Dec190217Mar1903s/o Christ & Ollie
ROBINSON, Lurena18681924~
ROBINSON, Rowland C.18681931~
ROBINSON, Lee H.18981970~
ROBINSON, Leah Olga (Walker)19051971w/o Harry R.
ROBINSON, Glenna (Ruble)08Oct194109Jan1964~
ROBINSON, Rowland02Feb179615Feb1875b. NY
ROBINSON, Harriet10Jul180308Mar1856w/o Rowland
b. Ontario, NY
ROBINSON, Eliza13May182529Dec1833d/o Rowland & Harriet
ROBINSON, Christ B.18761949~
ROBINSON, Ollie M.18651962w/o Christ B.
ROBINSON, Annette19221956~
ROBINSON, Mary19201921~
ROBINSON, Wilbur, Dr.18761934new section
ROBINSON, Dorothy19111958new section
ROBINSON, Theresa01Jan188621Jan1964new section
ROBINSON, Rowland20Nov188505Sep1968new section
ROBINSON, Margaret18841956new section
ROBINSON, Howard18791955new section
ROEPKE, Emma (Steinmentz)09Jan186404Jan1944~
ROHLS, Dedrick18531935~
ROHLS, Adeline18521944~
ROHRIG, Roy H.19311969new section
ROSE, Thomas B.18861946new section
ROSE, Maggie D.18891957new section
ROSE, Lou Dora18911965new section
ROSE, Henry Clay18821964new section
ROTHENBUSH, Niobe Robinson18301908~
SALTMARSH, Elmore04Feb183026Aug1902~
SALTMARSH, Morton H.18621886~
SCHAFER, Mary18391911~
SCHEIVLEY, Julia E.18741924~
SCHMIDT, Joseph28Apr183605May1907~
SCHMIDT, Josephine27Nov184815Apr1929w/o Joseph
SCHOONOVER, Billie Joyce (Frazier)19371963new section
SCHRADER, Ethel L.27Jul1909~new section
SCHRADER, Errett C. (Emett?)10Mar1900~new section
SCHROLL, Annabelle18981966new section
SCHROLL, Lewis W.1898~new section
SCHUCK, Wallace Delno--aged 4m 22d
SCHUCK, Russell M.16Sep190111Jul1969~
SCHUCK, Matilda18731935w/o John
SCHUCK, John18741940~
SCHUERMAN, William H.20Aug189016Dec1942new section
SCHWEAR, John R.18721911~
SCHWEAR, Mollie188419>>~
SCHWEITZER, Karl E.13Jun?28Jul1900infant s/o W. & A.
SCHWING, John18961967new section
SCHWING, Lavon1906~new section
SEEVERS, Kenneth E.19181919new section
SEEVERS, Lorena B.18781962new section
SHAFFER, Hayes05Mar186424Oct1928~
SHAFFER, May D. (Ketcham)29Jun186504Apr1898w/o Hayes
SHAZER, Chester W.10Mar189721Nov1951~
SHAZER, Edward G.18661935~
SHAZER, Nellie G.18781959~
SHERRY, Donald P.18781962new section
SHIRLING, Henry01Apr182619Jul1895~
SIEG, Hazel M. (Stephens)~~new section
SIEG, Edward H.15Jan193826Jan1953new section
SLENDERMAN, Fred03May183207Aug1913b. Hanover Germany
A soldier
SLENDERMAN, Sophia (Wittenberg)28Jan184408Oct1928w/o Fred
b. Ripley County, IN
SLENDERMAN, William F.18671913~
SLENDERMAN, May18891908~
SLENDERMAN, Henry S.18691948~
SLENDERMAN, Fredrick18821952~
SLENDERMAN, Elizabeth18731952~
SMITH, Chris H.18761962~
SMITH, Cora Bell18811962~
SMITH, Laura H. (Lauber)01Sep188118Aug1948new section
SPENCER, Gwenie18941962new section
STEGNER, Elizabeth08Feb181312Jan1898~
STEGNER, Philip03Jan180911Nov1886~
STEGNER, Mary13May181624Apr1884w/o Philip
d. Sunman, IN
STEGNER, Byron F.15Nov188309Nov1896~
STEGNER, Maude P.10Dec187629Oct1901~
STEGNER, Henry18381923~
STEGNER, Eliza18471937~
STEGNER, Sarah04Apr181331Dec1892w/o John
STEGNER, Henry J.18301914~
STEGNER, Mary E.18371911w/o Henry J.
STEGNER, Virgil F.1869-~
STEGNER, Emma F.18701918w/o Virgil
STEGNER, Melissa E.18591936~
STEGNER, George W.18551939~
STEINMETZ, Lourena19Aug181912Nov1893~
STEINMETZ, Christianna Kay26May183401Feb1900~
STEINMETZ, Lawrence13Aug181912Nov1893~
STEPHENS, Anna18711926~
STEPHENS, John F.18671937~
STEPHENS, William12Mar186321Jul1937new section
STEPHENS, Robert Earl19051957new section
STEPHENS, Magdalena01Dec186705Feb1959new section
STEPHENS, Alma17May189207Aug1956new section
STEPHENS, Roy George24Oct189406Apr1951WWI Vet
new section
STEVENSON, David E.04Dec182025Apr1903~
STEVENSON, Mary J.-27Apr1890w/o David E.
aged 60y 8m
STEVENSON, Laura M.18731957~
STEVENSON, D. Edmund18701952~
STEVENSON, Morval18511894~
STRASINGER, Henry-10Jul1880aged 68y 9m 26d
STRASINGER, Christina-10May1899w/o Henry
aged 80y 11m 20d
STRASINGER, George-19Jun1910aged 49y 8m 21d
STRASINGER, Elisa-15Aug1909w/o George
aged 49y 15d
STRASINGER, Adam18441925~
STRASINGER, Margaret18431927w/o Adam
STRASINGER, Lewis18731945new section
STRASINGER, Lena~~new section
STRUBEL, Jesse18Aug180315Apr1885~
STRUBEL, Eliza17Oct180907Feb1882~
STUDER, Elizabeth M.19Mar181929Jan1904~
STUDER, Henry22Apr185026Oct1924~
STUTZ, Charles E.18651938new section
SUMNER, Claude19051964new section
SUMNER, Hazel1909~new section
SUNMAN, John-27Aug1906aged 58y 9m 16d
SUNMAN, Clara-28Aug1889w/o John
aged 35y 9m 13d
SUNMAN, Eva L.B.30Dec184720Dec1896~
SUNMAN, Clarence E.18811935~
SUNMAN, Laura M.18851957new section
SUNMAN, Nellie V.18841953new section
SUNMAN, John D.18861967new section
TANGMAN, Diana A.18501898w/o Fred R.
TANGMAN, Fred R.18451927~
TANGMAN, Florence E.22Jun187206Mar1873d/o D.
TANGMAN, Henry30Apr183020Oct1889~
TANGMAN, Charlotte07Dec183213Dec1908w/o Henry
TANGMAN, John G.11Feb180414Oct1884~
TANGMAN, Margaret E.02Apr180731Mar1891w/o John G.
TANGMAN, John M.20Sep186006Aug1918~
TANGMAN, Anna E.18661956~
TANGMAN, George F.18621937~
TANGMAN, Margaret C.01Feb186114Oct1949~
TANGMAN, Frank R.18811955~
TANGMAN, Lulu18841961~
TANGMAN, Matilda18731957new section
TANGMAN, Rufus18721941new section
TAYLOR, Everett Sprague04May187829Jul1878~
TAYLOR, Elizabeth25Dec179320Jan1872~
TAYLOR, Sarah F.-29Jul1850aged 1y 9d
d/o Milton & Amelia
TAYLOR, Amelia19Jul182614Jul1878w/o Milton
TAYLOR, Milton28Nov182418Sep1874thriving
THACKREY, Ezra18601943~
THACKREY, Franklin Ferris25May185402Nov1922s/o Milton & Martha
THACKREY, Josie18541939~
THOMAS, Mary18621943~
THOMAS, Weston18661941~
THOMAS, Amy (Robinson)18761906~
THURSTON, Donald E.19011951new section
TRAUTMAN, Philip18691913~
TRAUTMAN, Lulu18751955~
VICK, Gladys F.19071916~
VOGEL, Mary L.18771931new section
VOLZ, Robert F.03Jun189210Nov1953Pfc. Sup Co. 70th Arty CAC WWI
WALDEN, William F.19331967new section
WARD, Josiah H.--Sgt. Co. K 15th KY. Inf.
WARD, Joseph18721956~
WARD, Katie E.18641936~
WARD, Lillian P.18901970new section
WARD, Charles W.18951971new section
WATTS, Rosie19011971new section
WATTS, John P.18951952new section
WEBER, John L.24May185613Oct1903~
WEBER, Esther M.18941962new section
WEBER, Ronie18851966new section
WEBER, Harry18921962new section
WEBSTER, Raymond19171962new section
WEIL, Sarah18621952new section
WEIL, Philip J.18611930new section
WEIL, Theresa E.18911966new section
WEIL, Charles H.18851961new section
WEILIGMAN, Fred18841970new section
WELCH, Charles L.19061966new section
WELLS, James H.19Apr189712Dec1967new section
WERBACH, Elizabeth E. (Lauber)1887~w/o Elmer W.
new section
WERBACH, Elmer W.18851954new section
WERBACH, Katherine18611940new section
WERBACH, William A.18551935new section
WETZLER, Louis10Oct186314Dec1912~
WETZLER, Lura M.08Oct1867-w/o Louis
WHIPPLE, Mary E. (Cook)18691951new section
WHIPPLE, Joseph W.18731964new section
WHITEHEAD, Charles18391897~
WHITEHEAD, ?18481914w/o Charles
WHITEHEAD, Austin-16Feb1879aged 5m 26d
s/o Monroe & Emma
WHITEHEAD, Theo. A.20Sep185029Mar1888~
WHITEHEAD, Emma B.30Aug1854-w/o Theo.
WHITEHEAD, Theodore A.-12Mar1879aged 61y 6m 21d
WHITEHEAD, Mary E.-16Mar1878aged 56y 11m 8d
w/o Theodore A.
WIESENHAN, Louis F.18841943~
WILLIAMS, Bert P.1893~~
WILLIAMS, Wilma1899~~
WILLSON, Susanna26Jul179718Mar1879~
WINDMILLER, Sadie18711903~
WINKLER, George E.18981954new section
WISE, Edna K.1892~new section
WISE, William C.18871941new section
WOLF(E), Anna29Dec182905Feb1917~
WUELLNER, Lelia M.04May187503Jun1922w/o Charles
WUELLNER, Ella M.1892~~
WUELLNER, Albert C.1884~~
WUELLNER, Emma A.18841937~

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