This cemetery is located just north of New Marion, Indiana. There were at least 45 unmarked graves in this cemetery when it was copied by V. E. Toph in October, 1935. Data brought up to date by R.C.H.S. in summer of 1972

Jim & Lu Mahoney, of Florida, for typing these interments for me to use here.

map of Ripley County

Go here for an exact location of New Marion.

B? ~ ~ (A fallen marker with "M.J.B." on it)
B? ~ ~ ("E.V.B." on one marker)
BAURLEY, Everett 1907 ~ ~
BAURLEY, Zelpha (Swinney) 1906 1959 w/o Everett Baurley
BECK, William ~ 15Aug1878 aged 27y 3m 25d
BECKMEIER, Caroline ~ 17Feb1876 aged 51y 7m 10d
w/o H. Beckmeier
BECKMEIER, Jacob 6Aug1866 10Jun1867 s/o H. & C. Beckmeier
BECKMEIER, John H. 2Jan1853 27Dec1875 s/o H. & C. Beckmeier
BILLMANN, Georgie ~ ~ (Dates weathered off)
BOFFO, Albert 19Oct1876 10Jul1910 ~
BOFFO, John 7Aug1854 13Nov1911 ~
BOFFO, Jacob Sr. 16May1827 16Feb1891 ~
BOFFO, Anna M. 26Jan1832 4Jan1903 ~
BONHAM, William M. H. ~ 21Sep1859 s/o G. & E. Bonham
aged 8m
BONHAM, Ruth Vileta 4Sep1856 26Feb1860 d/o G. & E. Bonham
BONHAM, Elizabeth ~ 10Sep1866 w/o George Bonham
aged 42y 4m 17d
BONHAM, James G. 14Oct1860 3Jun1876 s/o G. & E. Bonham
BONHAM, George 1821 1903 ~
BONHAM, Levi ~ 18Nov1865 aged 80y
BOVAIRD, Charley ~ 24Apr1881 s/o C. & E. Bovaird
age 2y 3m 5d
BOVAIRD, Elizabeth ~ 20Jan1878 w/o C. Bovaird
aged 36y
(NOTE: A lot with three graves on it and the family marker gone from the base.)
BOVARD, James 1809 31Jul1897 born in Ireland
came to America in 1871
BOVARD, Ellen 1815 21Jan1898 born in Ireland
came to America in 1871
BOVARD, William H. 5Jun1848 5Jul1907 ~
BOVARD, Jane 8Mar1845 9May1921 w/o William Bovard
BOWLING, Margaret 20Jan1922 11Dec1960 ~
BOWLING, Goebel 15Feb1920 ~ ~
BOWLING, Ben F. 3Aug1892 26May1969 KY Cpl. US Army WW I
BOWLING, Minnie 11Mar1897 25Dec1950 ~
BOYER, Mary A. ~ 2Feb1882 aged 60y 25d
BRIDGES, Mary Opal 6Aug1893 24Jan1894 d/o Wm. & Emma Bridges
BROWN, Richard F. 5Sep1849 20Oct1904 ~
BROWN, Margaret 5May1850 30Sep1890 w/o Richard F. Brown
(There were two monuments for Margaret Brown.)
BROWN, ? ~ 12Oct1846 Infant s/o Wm. & M. A. Brown
aged 12d
BROWN, Basil 10May1836 10Apr1841 s/o Elijah & Sarah Brown
BROWN, Albert 13Jan1854 3Jul1859 s/o Elijah & Sarah Brown
BROWN, Elijah 15Dec1807 22Jan1883 ~
BROWN, Mary ~ 20Jul1852 in her 74th yr.
BROWN, Benjamin D. ~ 6Jan1860 aged 82y
(The first court held in Ripley Co. met at his house in New Marion.)
BROWN, Mary F. 26Nov1856 17Sep1907 w/o Theodore Brown
BROWN, Nora L. ~ 29Aug1891 d/o T. & M. F. Brown
aged 13y 9m 28d
BROWN, Alice L. ~ 6Jul1882 aged 7y 11m
BROWN, Charley 3Jun1873 9Jun1877 s/o Wm. B. & Clarissa Brown
BROWN, Edna ~ 14Jun1880 w/o Walker M. Brown
aged 74y 6m 15d
BROWN, Ellen 1851 1900 ~
BROWN, Richard ~ ~ ~
BROWN, Elijah D. ~ ~ ~
BROWN, Elijah Jr. ~ ~ ~
BROWN, Finley ~ ~ ~
BROWN, Benjamin F. ~ ~ (Red Brown)
BROWN, Mary Frances ~ ~ ~
BROWN, Mary ~ ~ ~
BROWN, Clarissa ~ ~ w/o Theodore Brown
BROWN, Clarissa ~ ~ w/o William Brown
BROWN, Mary ~ ~ ~
BROWN, Dr. Charles M. 14May1840 6Apr1921 A prominent Ripley County physician
Buried on their own land adjoining the New Marion Cemetery
BROWN, Ellen 25Feb1854 20Jan1921 w/o Dr. C. M. Brown
Buried on their own land adjoining the New Marion Cemetery
BROWN, Frances ~ ?Nov? sister of Ellen Brown
Buried on their own land adjoining the New Marion Cemetery
BROWN, Theodore 1851 1935 ~
BROWN, Addie 22Aug1883 2Sep1884 d/o Richard & Margaret
BROWN, Georgia Lee ?Jun1902 ?Aug1902 ~
BROWN, John 1855 1944 ~
BROWN, Jane 1869 1945 w/o John Brown
BROWN, Catherine Eliza 4Nov1847 7Aug1849 ~
BROWN, Charles Finley 6Jun1872 28Jun1958 ~
BROWN, Mary Thomas 20Oct1874 2Apr1959 w/o Charles Finley Brown
BROWN, Jeptha 7Jan1808 5May1881 ~
BRYANT, John ~ ~ I.O.O.F. Washington Lodge No. 11, Madison, Ind.
BURTON, George W. 27Aug1858 8Apr1913 ~
BURTON, Rosa 16Dec1867 28Dec1943 w/o George W. Burton
BURTON, Edna (Ebel) 1899 1917 ~
CAMREN, John S. 1863 1951 ~
CAMREN, Willrettie 1862 1941 w/o John S. Camren
CAMREN, Mildred 1899 1927 ~
CAPLINGER, Charles A. 1866 1934 ~
CAPLINGER, Margaret 22Jun1867 30Sep1901 w/o Charles A. Caplinger
CAPLINGER, Fielding 22Aug1829 8Oct1892 ~
CAPLINGER, Paulina 3May1833 28Mar1892 w/o Fielding Caplinger
CAPLINGER, Emma J. 5Jan1865 24Apr1888 d/o S. & M. Caplinger
CAPLINGER, Samuel 1837 1912 ~
CAPLINGER, Mary J. 1843 1918 w/o Samuel Caplinger
CAPLINGER, Stella M. 2Aug1898 6May1944 ~
CASTNER, ? 4may1886 23jun1907 (At the top of the marker "Nathan" on the face LEE - Castner)
CASTNER, James R. 20May1841 4Nov1900 ~
CASTNER, Emeline 4Feb1845 9Sep1915 w/o James R. Castner
CASTNER, Sherley E. 9May1899 16Jun1900 ~
CHRISTIE, William 1823 1907 ~
CHRISTIE, Sarah E. 1854 1920 w/o Wm. Christie
CHRISTIE, Clarence E. 1880 19__ ~
CHRISTIE, Elvira 1891 1922 w/o Clarence E.
COLE, Adie F. ~ 5Jul1871 d/o G. W. & L. A. Cole
COLE, Lucrecia R. 1817 1904 w/o Michel Cole
COLE, James E. 19Aug1953 18Jun1964 ~
COLLINS, Elizabeth A. ~ 19Apr1874 d/o Wm. M. & Nancy Collins
aged 24y 6m 12d
COLLINS, Nancy 14Jun1828 10Feb1876 w/o Wm. M. Collins
COLLINS, George W. 18Feb1856 24Jan1876 s/o Wm. M. & Nancy Collins
COLLINS, Emma 4Feb1866 4Oct1870 d/o Wm. M. & Nancy Collins
COLLINS, Nancy 18Apr1861 3May1876 d/o Wm. M. & Nancy Collins
COLLINS, Catherine Eliza 4Nov1847 7Aug1849 d/o Wm. M. & Nancy Collins
COLLINS, Emma J. ~ 30Apr1886 w/o Warren Collins
age 20y 9m 25d
COLLINS, Warren 24Mar1863 29Jun1898 ~
COLLINS, Everet 19May1891 22May1891 s/o W. & L. Collins
COLLINS, Elsie L. 13Dec1892 30Jun1893 ~
COLLINS, ? 12Jun1894 25Jul1894 Infant s/o W. & L. Collins
COLLINS, ? ~ ~ One marker couldn't br read but probably a Collins child.)
COLLINS, ? 2Apr1897 3Jul1897 Infant s/o W. & L. Collins
COLLINS, Lenna Grace 11Sep1895 27Feb1896 d/o W. & L. Collins
CRAVENS, Willie 2Mar1851 25Oct1853 ~
CUMMINS, Eliza A. ~ 6May1848 d/o A. F. & Melissa Cummins
aged 3y
CUPPALS, Abigail ~ 1Oct1841 aged 52y 2m 16d
CURRAN, Clyde J. 1898 1949 Father
DELAY, Kiturah A. 30Nov1824 18Nov1890 w/o Thomas Delay
DELAY, Thomas 1Jul1816 14Jun1898 ~
DELAY, Luther 29Nov1878 14Jul1911 ~
DELAY, Lizzie (Lane) 7Dec1880 ~ w/o Luther Delay
DELAY, James H. 23May1849 15Oct1913 ~
DELAY, Mary J. 24Mar1850 23Oct1913 w/o James H. Delay
DELAY, Mabel C. 1Jun1890 15May1909 ~
DELAY, George H. 29Jan1881 3Jan1915 ~
DELAY, Clara B. 7Sep1887 11Oct1965 ~
DELAY, Addie B. 1879 1967 ~
DELAY, Emma M. 1880 1920 w/o Addie B. Delay
DELAY, Emmett S. 29Jan1891 14Apr1893 s/o Jesse & Emma Delay
DELAY, ? 25Jan1883 1Mar1888 Infant s/o E. P. & S. A. Delay
DELAY, Tommie E. 8Mar1875 29Mar1894 ~
DELAY, Anna L. 26Dec1879 3Dec1882 d/o T. J. & M. E. Delay
DELAY, Claudia ~ 1898 Infant d/o E. P. & S. A. Delay
DELAY, James A. 1876 1940 ~
DELAY, Grace L. 1879 1963 w/o James A. Delay
DELAY, ? 30Dec1892 2Jan1893 Infant s/o E. P. & S. A. Delay
DELAY, John E. 1881 1940 ~
DELAY, Rose E. 1883 1967 w/o John E. Delay
DEMarEE, Frank 1870 1929 ~
DEMarEE, Rosa 1869 1937 w/o Frank Demaree
DEMarEE, Dianna ~ 8Sep1863 w/o J. A. Demaree
aged 62y
DEMarEE, James M. 1839 1901 ~
DEMarEE, Lovina 1849 1933 w/o James M. Demaree
DEMarEE, George C. 4Jul1881 ~ s/o J. & L. Demaree
age 2y 1m 23d
DERRINGER, Lafayette 27Jan1863 5Jul1931 ~
DERMIT, Louise 17Jan1839 16May1894 w/o D. B. Dermit
DERMIT, Isaac M. 8Jul1877 19Dec1877 s/o Daniel & Louise Dermit
DERMIT, Daniel B. ~ 27Jul1880 aged 50y 8m 17d
DERMIT, John P. 13Nov1857 9Feb1876 s/o Daniel & Mary J. Dermit
DERMIT, Mary J. 12Dec1831 6Aug1865 w/o Daniel Dermit
EBEL, Emma ~ 6May1972 aged 90y
EBEL, Martin 16Jul1839 24Feb1889 (One marker next to the Ebel marker with the word "Mother" on it.)~
EBEL, Margaret G. 5May1847 24Sep1933 ~
EBEL, Albert 1874 1938 ~
EDWARDS, Morris P. ~ 16Aug1845 in 4th yr. of age
EDWARDS, Paulina A. ~ 18Jul1815 in 15th yr. of age
EDWARDS, John W. 2Mar1828 24Feb1907 ~
EDWARDS, Amanda M. 1836 4Jan____ w/o John W. Edwards
ELDRIDGE, Sarah ~ 6Dec1847 w/o Robert Eldridge
aged 33y 8m
ELLIS, R. Allen 29Apr1927 4Sep1928 s/o Omer & Irene (Sheriff) Ellis
ELLISON, Lawrence E. 1918 1920 ~
ELLISON, Leah M. 1910 1941 ~
ELLISON, Robert Lee 1864 1933 ~
FISK, Jane Ann ~ 1963 Infant d/o Paul & Carolyn (Andress) Fisk
FURLOUGH, Juliana 4Feb1846 24Aug1884 w/o S. Furlough
G? ~ ~ (One very tiny marker with "T.W.G." on it.)
GABLE, John J. 5Jul1816 7Feb1896 ~
GABLE, Louisa N. E. (Shonk) 27Nov1828 15Aug1904 w/o John Gable
GLEASON, Sarah J. ~ 16Mar1848 w/o Asa Gleason
aged 31y 2m
GRIMES, George H. ~ 18Jul1883 s/o M. W. & R. J. Grimes
aged 2y 7m 27d
HACKMAN, A. Fern 5Nov1891 15Aug1891 d/o E. F. & F. A. Hackman
HACKMAN, Charles M. 20Aug1885 27Sep1885 s/o E. F. & F. A. Hackman
HACKMAN, ? ~ 22aug1883 Infant s/o E. F. & Flora Hackman
HANDLON, Ramona L. 8Jan1929 8Jan1929 d/o Roy & Clara (Hughes) Handlon
HANDLON, Esker R. 1904 1925 s/o D. & A. Handlon
HANDLON, Roy O. 1902 ~ ~
HANDLON, Clara L. 1904 1972 w/o Roy O. Handlon
d/o J. Elvan Hughes
HANDLON, Phyllis Jean ~ 13Dec1937 d/o Roy & Clara (Hughes) Handlon
HANDLON, Dalton 1882 1936 ~
HANDLON, Annie C. 1879 ~ w/o Dalton Handlon
HANEY, John 19May1830 6Apr1884 ~
HANTS, Everett 16Feb1868 26Dec1898 ~
HANTS, Netie J. 25Sep1869 26Dec1891 d/o W. F. & M. E. Hants
HANTS, Hannah 2Oct1812 4Nov1882 w/o James Hants
HANTS, James 6Sep1813 12Oct1885 ~
HARRELL, Absalom ~ 23Sep1877 aged 76y 10m 7d
HARRELL, Nancy D. 12Dec1802 19Feb1878 w/o Isaac D. Harrell
HARRELL, Mary Ann ~ 20Jan1843 d/o Isaac D. & Nancy Harrell
aged 11y
HARRELL, John F. 24Nov1841 31Dec1862 s/o Isaac D. & Nancy Harrell
fell in the U.S. Service at the Battle of Stone River, Tennessee
HARRELL, Isaac E. 29Nov1843 22May1863 s/o Isaac D. & Nancy D. Harrell
HARRELL, Paten G. 1Jul1835 13Apr1883 ~
HARRELL, Albert S. 20Mar1865 3Nov1879 s/o P. G. & M. F. (Ross) Harrell
HARRELL, Thomas ~ 17Jul1876 s/o P. G. & M. F. (Ross) Harrell
age 2y 7m 11d
HARRELL, Mary E. Furlow 24Jun1874 24Jan1933 d/o Smith Furlow & Juliann Gable
HARRELL, B. Franklin 1Nov1839 17Nov1901 s/o Isaac D. & Nancy Jane (Davidson) (Brown) Harrell
(Stone - no dates)
HARRELL, Isadora Estella (Westover) 3Oct1848 27Sep1913 w/o B. F. Harrell
d/o Calvin & Elizabeth Westover
(Unmarked grave)
HARRELL, Ella May 17Jul1866 28Oct1884 d/o Benj. F. & Isadora Harrell
HARRELL, Clarence Edgar 17Apr1880 8Oct1881 s/o Benj. F. & Isadora Harrell
HARRELL, Mona Estella ~ ~ d/o Chester Claude & Mary Elizabeth (Furlow) Harrell
granddaughter of B. F. & I. Harrell
(No dates - unmarked grave.)
HARRELL, Charles Franklin 19Feb1899 1899 s/o Chester C. & M. E. (Furlow) Harrell
grandson of Benj. F. & I. Harrell
(NOTE: These names & dates were given by H. H. Harrell of Texas )
HARRELL, Isaac L. 19Nov1875 16Feb1910 ~
HART, Mary ~ 21Aug1849 aged 15y 8m 27d
HILL, Jonathan 21Feb1797 3Sep1878 ~
HILL, Nancy H. (Foree) 10Jun1794 19Jul1874 w/o Jonathan Hill
HILL, Sarah A. 8Jul1824 5Nov1887 d/o J. & N. H. Hill
HINDS, Martha A. 15May1873 5Jul1890 d/o J. B. & M. A. Hinds
HINDS, Samuel W. 6Jun1870 19Nov1887 s/o J. B. & M. A. Hinds
HINDS, John F. ~ 27Jul1865 s/o John B. & Martha Hinds
age 2m 21d
HINDS, Martha A. ~ 7Jul1873 w/o John B. Hinds
aged 35y 5m 22d
HOLMAN, William J. 1862 1935 ~
HOLMAN, Sarah C. 1863 1945 w/o Wm. J. Holman
HOLMAN, Dora Joy 1900 1922 ~
HOLMAN, Raymond E. 1921 1922 s/o Dora J. Holman
HOLZER, John F. 1873 1962 ~
HOLZER, Lula Lemen 1882 1927 ~
HUELSON, Friedrich 26Apr1815 2Sep1889 ~
HUELSON, Minnie 23Apr1820 30Nov1876 w/o Friedrich Huelson
HUELSON, Rudolph 12Jul1879 12Aug1880 s/o Friedrich & Minnie Huelson
HUELSON, Pvt. Edward T. 3Oct1894 17May1918 WW I
HUELSON, Ferdinand 1844 1920 ~
HUELSON, Margaretha 1845 1923 w/o Ferdinand Huelson
HUELSON, Mary Olive (Dermit) 9Sep1869 20Feb1898 w/o Rudolph Huelson
HUELSON, Rudolph 1860 1935 ~
HUELSON, Martha 1868 1948 w/o Rudolph Huelson
HUGHES, Rhoda 19Dec1799 15Jun1874 w/o Wm. Hughes
HUGHES, William ~ 9Apr1868 aged 76y 4m 25d
War of 1812
HUGHES, William H. ~ 13Apr1884 s/o T. & E. Hughes
aged 24y
HUGHES, Bertha L. ~ 28Sep1884 d/o T. L. & R. Hughes
age 6m 15d
HUGHES, Rev. J. Elvan 1877 1953 ~
HUGHES, Pearl L. (Carr) 1883 1918 w/o Rev. J. Elvan Hughes
HUGHES, Howard Carr 31Jul1903 31Jul1903 s/o J. Elvan & Pearl L. Hughes
HUGHES, Rosa (Merrill) 11Jun1856 ~ w/o Luther Hughes
HUGHES, Luther 21Dec1852 7Jul1899 ~
HUGHES, Thomas 1826 1903 ~
HUGHES, Elizabeth Collins 1825 1901 w/o Thomas Hughes
HUGHES, Lizzie 18Oct1854 30May1917 ~
HUGHES, Rhoda 10Apr1848 2Nov1925 ~
HUGHES, Emily 28Feb1829 7Feb1901 w/o Burton Hughes
HUGHES, Burton 31Mar1830 ~ ~
HUGHES, Abslom 1864 1936 ~
HUGHES, Howard E. 12Dec1908 27Aug1910 ~
HUGHES, Wilbur 1881 1960 ~
HUGHES, Letha (Spears) 1884 1943 w/o Wilbur Hughes
HUGHES, Edwin 1913 1914 ~
HUGHES, Earl 1917 1918 ~
ISRAEL, James Robert Jr. 1947 1969 ~
JAQUESS, Catherine ~ 23Apr1845 aged 69y
JOHNSON, Laura Bell 5Jul1874 1Dec1906 ~
JOHNSTON, Little Roscoe 19Apr1900 14Sep1900 s/o T. & L. Johnston
JOHNSTON, Little Dulcia 25Apr1899 4Aug1899 d/o T. & L. Johnston
JOHNSTON, Tilden 1876 1964 ~
JOHNSTON, Lizzie F. 14Nov1876 28Mar1911 w/o Tilden Johnston
d/o J. R. & E. Castner
JOLLY, John ~ 12Feb1855 aged 34y 5m 24d
JOLLY, Lucinda ~ 19May1863 aged 40y 2m 11d
KERTZENDORF, Wilhemina ~ 22Sep1892 d/o Chas. & Margarita Kertzendorf
age 4m
KIEFFER, Clarence J. 9May1892 4Dec1971 ~
KIEFFER, ? ~ 1921 Infant of Clarence & Flora Kieffer
KRAUS, Henry 5Aug1824 17Jun1895 ~
KRAUS, Sophia 20Sep1833 18Apr1906 w/o Henry Kraus
LANE, John 11Jul1851 22Jan1919 ~
LANE, Fidelia 31May1856 2Apr1915 w/o John Lane
LONG, Lucinda H. 12Mar1807 17Oct1889 ~
LONG, Harrison M. ~ 14Jul1911 aged 74y
LONG, Alice E. ~ 19Jan1863 d/o S. R. & M. E. Long
age 8y 11m 9d
LONG, John J. ~ 30Sep1860 s/o S. R. & M. E. Long
aged 11m 10d
LONG, Milford I. 24May1841 21Sep1885 ~
LONG, John S. 31Jan1801 7Mar1872 ~
LONG, Angeline 20Aug1836 15Aug1875 ~
LOSEY, Henry L. 1877 1971 ~
LOSEY, Flora A. 1885 1962 w/o Henry L. Losey
MAHONEY, Fielding 7Mar1833 15Feb1897 ~
MAHONEY, Cerelda A. 14Apr1845 31Mar1894 ~
MARSH, Charity D. ~ 16May1888 w/o Isaac MARSH
aged 55y 4m 13d
MARSH, Isaac 18Jul1831 14May1894 ~
MARSH, Alfred H. 28Apr1865 11Feb1897 s/o Isaac & Charity D. MARSH
MARSH, Mary A. 7Oct1899 10Jul1901 d/o J. & M. MARSH
MARSH, John A. & William L. 12Apr1872 6Nov1900 Twin sons of Isaac & Charity D. MARSH
(Death date is for William L. - no date given for John A.)
MARSH, Rosella ~ 16Aug1899 aged 31y 11m 19d
MARSH, Daniel W. 1863 1914 ~
MARSH, Sarah J. 1867 1940 ~
MARSH, Fannie ~ 1908 Infant
MARSH, Edward Wallace 27Mar1904 6Mar1970 ~
MASON, Eliza Ann 11Oct1815 21Feb1867 w/o E. S. Mason
McGEE, Willie C. ~ 3Mar1882 aged 3y 19d
McINTOSH, Joseph R. 1899 1961 ~
McINTOSH, Lucy A. 1901 ~ w/o Joseph R. McIntosh
McNEW, George H. 30May1858 21Jun1894 ~
MEISBERGER, Joseph H. 1881 1924 ~
MERRILL, Francis M. 17Nov1828 21Sep1900 ~
MERRILL, Sarah A. 10May1835 30Jun1902 w/o Francis M. Merrill
MERRILL, Frank E. 8Dec1869 17Aug1900 s/o F. M. & S. A. Merrill
MONCRIEF, William T. ~ ~ s/o J. B. & M. Moncrief
aged 10m 2d
MONTGOMERY, Thomas H. 26Apr1841 28Aug1901 83 Reg. Co. K, Ind. Vol.
MONTGOMERY, Sarah M. (Cassady) 25Mar1843 27Mar1899 w/o Thomas H. Montgomery
MULLINS, Jimmy 1951 1954 ~
MULLINS, Jannie 1949 1953 ~
MURPHY, S. O. 1852 1915 ~
MURPHY, Belle 1854 1941 w/o S. O. Murphy
MUTH, John 24May1799 9Mar1873 ~
MUTH, Louisa 16Sep1812 26Sep1877 w/o John Muth
MUTH, William 1839 1922 ~
MUTH, Barbara 14Jul1845 11Apr1900 w/o Wm. Muth
MYERS, Anthony 1863 1943 ~
MYERS, Nettie 1868 1945 w/o Anthony Myers
MYERS, Rufus Chester 30Apr1893 18May1901 Ind. Cpl. Co. M, 119 Inf. WW I
MYERS, Lilla M. 1Apr1901 ~ w/o Rufus C. Myers
MYERS, Chester Irvin 1880 1929 ~
MYRES, Emmett ~ 19Oct1865 s/o J. W. & E. Myers
age 2y 10m 22d
MYRES, James ~ 31Jan1876 aged 74y 9m 27d
MYRES, Didama ~ 8Sep1863 w/o James Myers
aged 62y
NAYLOR, Silas E. 18Apr1827 27Feb1891 ~
NAYLOR, Mary A. 29Feb1844 19Apr1916 w/o Silas E. Naylor
NAYLOR, William R. 1845 1921 ~
NAYLOR, Emma L. 1850 1930 w/o Wm. R. Naylor
NAYLOR, John S. 29May1878 8Mar1879 s/o Wm. R. & Emma Naylor
NAYLOR, George D. 27Oct1832 1May1890 ~
NAYLOR, Mary J. 25Aug1831 9Sep1916 w/o George D. Naylor
Next to the Naylors' markers was a wooden stake with the word "Edna" on it.
NAYLOR, William P. 1870 1947 ~
NAYLOR, Hattie L. 1872 1957 w/o Wm. P. Naylor
NEW, J. B. ~ ~ Co. H, 5th Ind. Cav.
A Civil War Soldier
NEWKIRK, Margaret ~ 5Apr1891 w/o W. J. Newkirk
aged 50y 9m 8d
ONEY, Bernard ~ 9Nov1969 aged 51y 9m 15d
ONEY, John B. 1896 1966 ~
ONEY, Fonsby L. 1911 ~ w/o John B. Oney
Married 15May1933
ONEY, H. P. 1888 ~ ~
ONEY, Florence 1892 1962 w/o H. P. Oney
OSTHEIMER, Sarah E. ~ 17Mar1882 w/o Michael Ostheimer
age 23y 8m 22d
P? ~ ~ M.J.P." on one marker
P? ~ ~ A very tiny marker with "E.F.P." on it.
P? ~ ~ A very tiny marker with "P.K.P." on it
P? ~ ~ A very tiny marker with "I.P." on it.
(Probably the three were Pardun childen)
PARDUN, Sarah C. 26Nov1855 2Jul1874 w/o W. H. Pardun
PARDUN, Wesley M. 30Jan1874 30Jun1874 s/o A. & M. Pardun
PARDUN, Eva M. 22Jan1868 28May 1869 d/o A. & M. Pardun
PARDUN, John K. 2Jun1866 23Mar1867 s/o A. & M. Pardun
PARDUN, ? 27Mar1859 10Apr1859 Infant s/o A. & M. Pardun
PARDUN, Margaret J. ~ 5Nov1869 w/o A. Pardun
aged 29y 2m 26d
PARDUN, Birtha L. 22May1874 5Oct1874 d/o W. & S. Pardun
PAugH, J. Russell 28Oct1901 2Apr1902 s/o L. E. & L. Paugh
PAugH, Mildred 12Mar1907 11Mar1910 ~
PAugH, Roscoe 28Sep1905 28Feb1906 ~
PLATT, John 23Oct1913 29Oct1913 s/o J. Roy & Cora Lane Platt
PLATT, Virginia 1Oct1923 5Dec1923 d/o J. Roy & Cora Lane Platt
POWELL, Effie G. 13Apr1869 17Jan1887 d/o S. V. & M. M. Powell
POWELL, Mary M. 6Oct1831 24Dec1879 w/o S. V. Powell
PURCELL, Marcia Jo 1955 1956 ~
R? ~ ~ A lot marked "G.D.R." (Probably for G. D. Robertson)
RAYBURN, Maude A. 1875 1959 ~
RAYBURN, Samuel O. 1876 1960 ~
REA, Sarah M. 10Jan1839 14Feb1880 w/o Davidson Rea
REA, Davidson 10Dec1831 12Feb1903 ~
REA, David 11Mar1802 8Aug1851 (Two markers)
REA, Martha M. 24Aug1806 29Jun1893 w/o David Rea
REA, John F. ~ ~ All but the name was underground
REA, George G. 9Oct1860 28Nov1890 ~
REA, Robert M. 21Aug1832 29Feb1920 ~
REA, Elizabeth 28Mar1846 12May1918 w/o Robert Rea
REA, Mary M. 4Jun1812 27Feb1897 w/o J. S. Rea
ROBERTS, Elizabeth 6Jan1815 5Jan1872 w/o James S. Roberts
ROBERTSON, Oleatha Faye 1920 1923 ~
ROBERTSON, John A. 18Apr1827 16Nov1907 ~
ROBERTSON, Margaret L. 28Feb1831 16Jul1916 w/o John A. Robertson
ROBERTSON, Andrew Baker 1851 1926 ~
Next to the A. B. Robertson grave was a soldier's grave - unmarked.
ROBERTSON, Charles A. 1850 1927 ~
ROBERTSON, Alice 1853 1935 w/o Charles Robertson
ROBERTSON, William 22Jan1791 12Apr1877 ~
ROBERTSON, Mary 29Jul1791 28Dec1876 w/o Wm. Robertson
ROBERTSON, H. T. 5Jan1858 4Dec1883 s/o J. A. & M. L. Robertson
ROBERTSON, John F. 1Feb1863 11Aug1893 s/o J. A. & M. L. Robertson
ROBERTSON, Robert L. 10Jun1926 12Oct1926 ~
ROBERTSON, Mary C. 1926 1926 ~
ROBERTSON, Cecil R. 1900 ~ ~
ROBERTSON, Lottie M. 1903 ~ ~
ROBINSON, Rebecca A. 7Feb1843 29Dec1910 ~
ROBINSON, James 27Jan1861 16Aug1915 s/o Rebecca Robinson
Two small unmarked graves on J. Robinson lot
ROYCE, Dean Taylor 1927 1958 Mother of Marty & Candy Royce
RUBBE, John 1850 1937 ~
RUBBE, Bertha A. 12Oct1854 8Oct1916 ~
RUBLE, Louis A. 1948 1964 s/o Harold & Isabel Ruble
SANDS, Margaret J. ~ 27Jan1864 aged 43y 27d
SANDS, John T. 3Dec1865 13Jan1894 ~
SANDS, John B. ~ 9Dec1859 aged 47y 5m 23d
SANDS, Benjamin A. 5Feb1845 25Jul1914 A Civil War Soldier
SANDS, Martha J. 29Oct1848 7Jan1926 w/o Benjamin A. Sands
SEMON, Alma 27May1880 14Nov1897 ~
SEMON, Jacob 1849 1922 ~
SEMON, Anna 1856 1935 w/o Jacob Semon
Next to Anna Semon's grave is an unmarked grave of a Civil War soldier .
SEMON, Jacob 1902 1935 ~
SEMON, Onnie 1911 ~ ~
SEXTON, Phyliss Sue ~ 18Mar1940 d/o Noah & Mabel (Myers) Sexton
SHADDAY, George 11Nov1831 25Feb1884 Co. C, 3rd Ind. Cav.
Civil War Soldier
SHADDAY, Margaret 19Mar1835 11Feb1886 w/o George Shadday
SHADDAY, David H. 1848 1917 ~
SHADDAY, Malinda D. 1843 1919 w/o David H. Shadday
SHADDAY, Isabell C. 1875 1896 ~
SHADDAY, Horatio S. 1869 1948 ~
SHADDAY, Mollie 1874 1959 w/o Horatio S. Shadday
SHEPHERD, George F. 1869 1934 ~
SHEPHERD, Jennie (Montgomery) 1859 1944 w/o Geo. F. Shepherd
SHERIFF, Grover C. 17Mar1890 26Jan1891 w/o G. & M. E. Sheriff
SHERIFF, Willard 14May1903 18Aug1903 s/o Wm. & May Sheriff
SHERIFF, Will C. 12May1875 24Jan1908 ~
SHERIFF, May (Shaffer) 1Sep1879 18Nov1913 w/o Will C. Sheriff
SHERIFF, George 12Feb1847 ~ A Soldier
SHERIFF, Malissa 22Feb1848 19Jul1928 w/o Geo. Sheriff
SHERIFF, John H. 1880 1965 ~
SHERIFF, Emma L. 1885 ~ w/o John H. Sheriff
SHERIFF, James L. 1877 1965 ~
SHERIFF, Luella 1886 1969 w/o James L. Sheriff
SHONK, Julia ~ 17Oct1879 aged 73y 6m 1d
SHONK, William ~ 11May1869 aged 65y 1m 6d
SHONK, Philip ~ 6Oct1861 s/o V. & L. S. Shonk
aged 2y 6m
SHONK, Valentine 20Oct1864 24May1930 ~
SHONK, Mary E. 17Feb1864 11Jul1914 w/o Valentine Shonk
SHONK, Volentine 8May1838 6Jan1906 ~
SHONK, Louise A. 18Oct1841 26Dec1909 w/o Volentine Shonk
SHONK, Valentine ~ 11May1869 age 65y 1m 6d
SIEBEIN, Katie M. 25Jan1874 19Feb1885 d/o K. Siebein
SIEBEIN, Leonard 1878 1955 ~
SIEBEIN, Lorilla 1879 1935 w/o Leonard Siebein
SPEARS, John 7Feb1793 29Apr1882 ~
SPEARS, Earnest B. ~ 30Oct1880 s/o E. E. & M. A. Spears
aged 3d
SPEARS, Judis ~ 8Feb1884 child/of E. E. & M. A. Spears
aged 2y 3m 3d
SPEARS, ? 4Jun1884 5Jun1884 Infant s/o E. E. & M. A. Spears
SPEARS, Adaline 27Jan1839 27Jan1888 w/o E. E. Spears
SPEARS, Edward 1857 1937 ~
SPEARS, Adaline 1858 1889 w/o Edward Spears
SPEARS, Georgia 1889 1967 d/o E. E. & M. A. Spears
SPEARS, Ira W. ~ 28Oct1860 s/o J. O. & L. Spears
age 10y 10m 18d
SPEARS, James P. ~ 3Nov1860 s/o J. O. & L. Spears
age 13y 4d
SPEARS, Hessie 14Mar1890 11Apr1895 s/o J. T. & M. M. Spears
SPEARS, Lucinda 15Dec1820 15Aug1907 ~
SPEARS, Abe 1858 1942 ~
SPEARS, Nannie 1864 1934 w/o Abe Spears
SPEARS, Jess T. 1857 1928 ~
SPEARS, Melinda 1865 1916 w/o Jess T. Spears
STEINMETZ, Catharina 6May1817 8Feb1886 ~
STRICKLAND, ? ~ ~ Father
STRICKLAND, ? ~ ~ Mother
STRICKLAND, Walter ~ 25Apr1881 s/o P. E. & Almira Strickland
age 5y 5m 21d
STRICKLAND, Fanny ~ 13Mar1892 in 75th year
SULLENDER, John R. 16Apr1849 24Sep1927 ~
SUTTON, Charles 17Oct1918 19Nov1967 Ky Pvt. HQ Co 611 Td Bn WW II
SUTTON, Nancy 1880 1962 ~
SWARTZ, Fred 1895 1967 ~
SWINNEY, Hurshell W. 1911 ~ ~
SWINNEY, Mildred F. M. 1910 1963 w/o Hurshell W. Swinney
SWINNEY, William 1878 1951 ~
SWINNEY, Mary J. 1881 1965 ~
SWINNEY, Julie Ann ~ 11Jul1964 d/o Cecil & Leah (Myers) Swinney
TAYLOR, Margaret 14Mar1849 11May1879 w/o John R. Taylor
TAYLOR, Dick 21Feb1900 31Oct1971 ~
TAYLOR, Fannie 2May1906 ~ w/o Dick Taylor
TAYLOR, Douglas T. 29Dec1928 10Sep1969 Ky Sgt Btry C, 78 AAA Bn. CAC - Korea
TRUESDEL, Elmer 1882 1960 ~
TRUESDEL, Edith C. 1907 22Jan1971 w/o Delbert Truesdel
WAGGONER, Jennett 14Aug1847 30Apr1850 d/o M. H. & M. A. Waggoner
WAGGONER, Mary E. 28Jul1851 6May1854 d/o M. H. & M. A. Waggoner
WAGGONER, ? ~ ~ Infant s/o M. L. & S. J. Waggoner
WAGGONER, Sarah L. ~ 6Jun1847 w/o M. L. Waggoner
aged 19y 5m 10d
WALL, Richard Michael 25May1961 27May1961 s/o Robert & Barbara Wall
WALL, Robert Scott ~ 4Jun1970 s/o Robert & Barbara Wall
age 7d
WALTER, George 1854 1935 ~
WALTER, Anna 1860 1941 w/o George Walter
WALTER, John 1883 1965 ~
WALTER, L. Frank 24Oct1923 16Jul1961 Indiana Sgt 330 Bomb Sq. AAF WW II
WALTER, Louis 17Mar1891 16Jan1968 Colo WW I Pvt. Co. L. 109 Inf.
WALTON, John 2Feb1860 9Jan1892 s/o W. & L. Walton
WALTON, Eliza Ann ~ 22Dec1884 d/o W. L. Walton
age 28y 3m 11d
WALTON, Warren ~ 9May1885 aged 52y 5m 20d
WESTOVER, James H. ~ 21Mar1852 aged 41y
WESTOVER, Calvin 1Nov1811 23Nov1854 ~
WESTOVER, Elizabeth 8Dec1816 1Aug1895 ~
WESTOVER, William C. ~ 27Feb1873 s/o Wm. F. & M. A. Westover
aged 1y 1m 23d
WESTOVER, Margaret 8Jan1849 5Sep1885 w/o Wm. F. Westover
WESTOVER, Luther E. 4Nov1843 12May1917 A Civil War Soldier
WESTOVER, Lou E. 2Sep1848 10Mar1926 w/o Luther E. Westover
WILL, Eliza A. (Sands) ~ 20Oct1860 w/o Wm. Will
aged 21y 2m 2d
WYCOFF, ? ~ 9Aug1867 s/o P. & Amelia A. Wycoff
aged 7m 23d
WYCOFF, Amelia A. ~ 3Apr1868 w/o Peter Wycoff
aged 35y 9m 28d

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