Franklin Church Cemetery

in Franklin Twp. is 1 mile east of the Stumpkes Corner cemetery. There are many unmarked graves here, some almost obliterated.
Franklin Cemetery Ripley IN 391039N 0851310W 928 ft above sea level

Bryce Stevens, of Tennessee, for typing these interments for me to use here.

ABBOTT, Matilda J. ~ 30May1861 w/o Arnold Abbott
aged 27y7m16d
ABBOTT, Elizabeth ~ 24Jan1865 w/o Arnold Abbott
aged 21y10m10d
ABEL, Daniel C. ~ 01Aug1866 aged 62y6m16d
ABEL, Elizabeth ~ 06Jan1877 w/o Daniel C. Abel
aged 72y11m25d
ALLEN, Talbert, Jr.10Oct192528Nov1935~
ANDERSON, Nancy Nov1761 25Dec1855 w/o James Anderson
ANDERSON, Agness ~ 24Mar1859 w/o W. D. Anderson
aged 18y1m21d
BATTS, Martha19231964~
BEALL, Ella ~ 13Aug1871 d/o E. M. & M. E. Beall
aged 2y3m1d
BEALL, Edward 29Dec1831 7Mar1912 A Civil War Soldier
BEALL, Mary E. ~ ~ w/o Edward Beall
BOLDREY, Samuel ~ 07Apr1863 Co. A, 83rd Reg. Ind. Vols.
aged 26y9m11d
BOLDREY, John175612Jun1821Rev War
BOLDRY, Sarah & Julia~~Unmsrked graves
BOLEN, Kelly18971962~
BRICKA, Godfrey 21Feb1839 06Sep1882 Co. A, 83rd Reg. Ind. Vols.
BRICKA, Hulda H. 25Jul1838 05Aug1896 w/o Godfrey Bricka
BURKHART, J.B.~1930baby
CANFIELD, H. G. ~ 13May1863 aged 82y
CANFIELD, Polly ~ 17Feb1868 w/o H. G. Canfield
aged 80y
CLEMENTS, George M. 05Feb1868 14Jun1892 s/o E. C. & A. Clements
CLEMENTS, Eliza E. 08Jul1863 12Feb1876 d/o E. C. & A. Clements
CONE, Thomas ~ 12Nov1870 A Mason
aged 71y7m2d
CONE, Nancy ~ 28Jan1890 w/o Thomas Cane
aged 80y4m10d
CONGER, George A. 25Feb1849 09Mar1905 ~
CONGER, Mary C. 03Sep1853 29Mar1898 w/o George A. Conger
CONGER, Zola M.18941917~
COOK, Minnie 16Jan1888 07Jul1912 ~
COOK, William H. 22Oct1832 28Feb1889 aged 58y
COOK, Frederich W. 1843 1930 A Civil War Soldier
DENNISON, Horace 17Dec1868 13Jul1898 ~
DENNISON, Ida 19Jul1870 12Aug1870 d/o George & Agnes Dennison
DENNISON, Bertha ~ 02Aug1887 d/o George & Agnes Dennison
aged 14y11m29d
DENNISON, George 12Jul1834 07Mar1896 Co. A, 83rd Reg. Ind. Vols.
DENNISON, Agnes 1844 1924 w/o George Dennison
DENNISON, Frank 06Aug1842 31May1894 A Civil War Soldier
DENNISON, Hester 13Apr1848 06Aug1869 w/o Frank Dennison
DENNISON, Alice J. 10Aug1871 22May1872 d/o F. & M. Dennison
DENNISON, Mary Adelia ~ 17Oct1861 d/o H. H. & J. J. Dennison
aged 2y2m19d
DENNISON, Walter H. ~ 10Sep1861 aged 29y8m7d
DENNISON, Alice H. ~ 10May1876 w/o Timothy Dennison
aged 71y5m9d
DENNISON, Timothy ~ 12Nov1857 aged 65y11m25d
DISNEY, Robert C.18881948~
DOBSON, Martha18791952~
DORSH, John L. 29Aug1853 21May1855 s/o John & M. L. Dorsh
DORSH, Albert F. ~ 03Dec1869 s/o John & Catherine Dorsh
aged 22y11m1d
DORSH, Nancy Ellen ~ 28Aug1864 d/o John & Catherine Dorsh
aged 21y2m10d
DORSH, Eliza Ruth ~ 09Jun1859 d/o John & Catherine Dorsh
aged 18y3m2d
DORSH, Catherine 20Aug1807 29Jul1854 w/o John Dorsh
DORSH, John ~ 11oct1872 aged 72y16d
ELSAS, Christian ~ ~ unmarked grave
FERRIS, Isaac W. ~ Feb1855 aged 26y
FIELDS, Laura G.18981962~
FIELDS, Dan18961962~
FULLER, George 05Feb1854 25Mar1876 s/o Z. H. & R. Fuller
FULLER, Alice J. ~ 08Nov1865 d/o Zalmon & Rowena Fuller.
aged 6y10m13d
FULLER, Zalmon H. ~ 10Aug1873 A Mason.
aged 50y5m7d
FULLER, Rowena D. 03Feb1827 23Dec1899 w/o Zalmon H. Fuller
FULLER, Sarah ~ 07Apr1867 w/o Pallamon Fuller
aged 19y10m24d
FULLER, Mary J. 25Nov1838 19Aug1873 d/o Albert & Margaret Fuller
FULLER, Albert 25May1807 04Nov1876 ~
FULLER, Margaret 06Oct1813 24Dec1898 w/o Albert Fuller
FULLER, Ida Vesta ~ 08May1869 d/o D. W. & C. Fuller.
aged 10y11m20d
FULLER, Arnold A. 25Oct1813 15Oct1898 ~
FULLER, Olive 18Nov1824 06Sep1886 w/o Arnold A. Fuller
FULLER, Tillison W. ~ 18Sep1856 s/o M. C. & H. A. Fuller
aged 1y6m
FULLER, A. Porter ~ 10Jan1866 s/o Arnold & Olive Fuller
aged 2y3m16d
FULLER, Sanford R. 19Feb1834 11Feb1922 Father. A Soldier.
FULLER, Clarissa A. 23Sep1836 01Mar1916 Mother. w/o Sanford R. Fuller
FULLER, Edith 23Aug1878 30Aug1888 d/o Thomas & E. J. Fuller
FULLER, Elvira J. 14Apr1847 29Aug1882 ~
FULLER, Comfort ~ ~ Grandpa
FULLER, Elvira ~ ~ Grandma
HAWLEY, Mattie R. ~ 20Jan1900 d/o Alvin & Mary Hawley.
aged 17y11m3d
HAWLEY, Iza ~ 27Sep1879 d/o A. S. & M. A. Hawley.
aged 10m7d
HAWLEY, Alvin18551885~
HAWLEY, Mary18571933~
HELMCAMP, Emilie 10Jul1826 02Jan1877 w/o Christian Helmcamp
HELMICK, Peter ~ ~ aged 78y
HELMICK, Katy ~ 16Oct1883 w/o Peter Helmick.
aged 76y1m19d
HOEL, William H. 06May1846 20Feb1865 A Soldier.
HOLCOMB, Cordelia19221963~
HOLLAND, Troy W.1924~~
HOLLAND, Alta19231965~
HOLLIDAY, Beatrice19081923~
HOLLIDAY, Hanie1849 (1847?)1923~
HUSHMAN, Ghessens? Abel 12Aug1798 23Dec1881 w/o Stephen Hushman, Sr.
b. Wurtemberg, Germany
HUSHMAN, Stephen Jr. 07May1829 26Jun1912 ~
HUSHMAN, Eunice 01Jul1830 30May1915 w/o Stephen Hushman, Jr.
HUSHMAN, Stephen Sr. ~ 1870 b Wurtemberg, Germany.
aged 77y
ISGRIGG, Elijah M. ~ 02Apr1844 aged 38y
ISGRIGG, Elenor 16Mar1805 10Feb1877 w/o Elijah M. Isgrigg
JORDAN, Julia 19Jan1831 22Jan1870 ~
JORDAN, Laura ~ ~ d/o G. & J. Jordan.
aged 8m
LANGWILL, Ann E. P. ~ 28Oct1872 w/o Malcom Langwill
aged 31y10m22d
LANGWILL, Daniel A. ~ 30Aug1863 s/o John & Mary Langwill
Co. A, 83rd Reg. Ind. Vols.
aged 20y3m30d
LANGWILL, John 27Feb1801 21Mar1891 b near Cambellton, Scotland
LANGWILL, Peter 22Oct1838 16Aug1907 A Civil War Soldier
LANGWILL, Harriet N. 1840 1929 w/o Peter Langwill
LANGWILL, Eliza 1869 1922 ~
LINGO, Jennie S.05Jan187417Nov1906w/o S.A.
MANLIEF, Benjamin 21Mar1815 29Nov1876 ~
MANLIEF, Catharine 16Sep1828 22Feb1905 w/o Benjamin Manlief
MANLIEF, John R. ~ 31May1888 s/o Elmore & Mary Manlief
aged 12hours
MAYFIELD, Benjamin18541908~
McTAGGART, Maria ~ 22Jun1872 w/o Archibald McTaggart
aged 76y
MURRAY, Nellie M.(Conger)18811909~
NOLAN, James 31May1860 06Aug1901 ~
NOLAN, Jamie 19Dec1893 02Oct1896 s/o J. & L. Nolan
PENNINGTON, Mary Catharine 04Jul1881 24Nov1881 d/o E. J. & M. Pennington
PENNINGTON, Edward J. 18Mar1883 30Aug1883 s/o E. J. & M. Pennington
PENNINGTON, Martha A. ~ 04May1866 d/o Joel C. & C. Pennington
PENNINGTON, Catharine ~ 30Nov1867 w/o Joel Pennington
aged 37y2m3d
PLATT, David ~ 30May1876 ~
RADLEY, T. M. 13Feb1823 27Jul1890 A Soldier & an Oddfellow.
RADLEY, N. E. 30Jun1826 ~ w/o T. M. Radley
RADLEY, Wilson G. 17Nov1858 07May1895 ~
RHEAM, Margaret J. 10Sep1835 15Nov1917 ~
RICHARDSON, Mary E. ~ 13Jun1877 w/o R. S. Richardson
aged 19y9m26d
ROBINSON, Howard 26Dec1836 14Feb1906 A Civil War Soldier
ROBINSON, Minerva A. 06Oct1839 02May1914 w/o Howard Robinson
RUBLE, Christopher 16Jun1837 17Oct1911 A Civil War Soldier
RUBLE, Helen 20Aug1846 15Mar1919 w/o Christopher Ruble
RUBLE, Frank E. 21May1867 07Apr1905 ~
RUBLE, Clyde 25Jun1882 31Oct1882 s/o C. C. & H. J. Ruble
RUBLE, Henry 03Dec1824 22Oct1898 ~
RUBLE, Harriett 03Nov1846 04Jul1919 w/o Henry Ruble
RUBLE, Fannie L.18811952~
RUBLE, George C.18771956~
SALYER, Isaac C.18861954~
SHANE, Mary A. 09Oct1818 08Oct1883 ~
SHANE, John H.~16Jul1871s/o G.W. & A.E.
Aged 11m21d
SMITH, Arminda ~ 01Aug1858 w/o Warren Smith
aged 45y4m2d
SMITH, Tolby B.24Aug190319Jan1936~
SNODGRASS, T. J. ~ 03Jan1881 A Soldier & a Mason
aged 57y6m9d
SNODGRASS, Hester ~ ~ Beside T. J. Snodgrass's marker
No last name or dates on Hester's marker.
SNODGRASS, Alice ~ 02Mar1875 d/o T. J. & H. Snodgrass
aged 19y1m6d
SNODGRASS, Margaret 30Jul1793 02Sep1872 w/o John Snodgrass
SNODGRASS, Willie ~ 25Apr1868 s/o T. J. & Hester Snodgrass
aged 19y8m8d
SNODGRASS, Frank ~ 24Jul1866 s/o T. J. & Hester Snodgrass
A Soldier
aged 16y7m
SNODGRASS, Addie L. ~ 01Apr1865 d/o T. J. & H. A. Snodgrass
aged 8y11m25d
SNODGRASS, Ann ~ 26Jul1868 w/o B. F. Snodgrass
aged 37y4m2d
SNODGRASS, B. F. ~ 18Oct1864 aged 38y3m10d
SNODGRASS, Worth ~ 22Feb1872 s/o W. H. & M. Snodgrass
A Mason
aged 22y10m2d
STEGNER, Elizabeth 10Dec1834 20Mar1898 ~
STEGNER, Jesse M. ~ ~ s/o William & E. Stegner
aged 34y8m
STITES, Elder E.06Jun180308May1873b. Cape May NJ
STITES, Calista09Aug180518Jan1886w/o E.E.
b. Vermont
SWIFT, Warren18491931~
SWIFT, Eliza05Jan180631May1869~
SWIFT, Melvin~23JUn1870Aged 68y6m9d
SWIFT, Minervus23Dec179531Dec1865~
SWIFT, J. Augustus~~d. Vicksburg hospital at age 29y
TANNER, Andrew 21Nov1821 18Apr1890 ~
TANNER, Susan 09Feb1827 ~ w/o Andrew Tanner
TANNER, Frankie 20Nov1870 25Sep1872 s/o S. A. & M. E. Tanner
THOMPSON, Danny Sammy~~~
WALTER, Dow ~ 05Feb1880 s/o J. & S. Walter
aged 2m11d
WALTER, Paul 03May187129Jan1888~
WALTER, Walter ~ 01Aug1877 s/o J. & S. Walter
aged 3m21d
WALTER, Sarah A. ~ 25Mar1880 w/o Jacob Walter
WALTER, Jacob 26Apr1837 15Jun1915 ~
WATERS, Anna ~ 06Apr1932 aged 80y3m6d
WHITEHEAD, Mary R. 18Mar1792 05Sep1873 w/o John Whitehead
WHITEHEAD, John ~ 09Sep1867 aged 75y10m12d
WILLSON, Seraphine 05Dec1838 12Jun1874 w/o Arvy Willson
WILSON, Helen Eudora ~ 04Oct1859 d/o T. F. & Lavina A. Wilson
aged 7y4m23d
WILSON, Thomas F. 15Jun1827 ~ A Civil War Soldier
WILSON, Lavina A. 14May1832 22Dec1890 w/o Thomas F. Wilson
WILSON, Sarah J. 21Jun1849 02Jul1898 ~
WILSON, George W.18481937~
WILSON, Sallie B.18511936~
WILSON, G.B.18711936~
WOOD, George A.~29Jun1863s/o D.H. & Mary L.

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